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by Michelle Hand

Green Hamburger? What? You think I am proposing you eat rotten hamburger meat? Rest easy, that would totally go against my safety and sanitation training. What I am talking about it is saving money and the landfill of plastic freezer bags. I buy hamburger meat in bulk and since it is just my husband and I, we don't eat a big quantity at a time. If I divided 5 pounds of hamburger meat in 1 pound amounts it would take five bags as compared to just two.  So, here is my method of going green with hamburger freezer storage. When ready for ground beef for a meal, take bag out of freezer and break off only what you need then return to the freezer. This works perfectly for 2 people
meals (like me and David). It also saves freezer bags and the smaller chunks defrost more evenly in the microwave.



01/15/2013 8:49pm

Great idea to freeze in small portions. All too often I freeze things in a big lump and then get frustrated when I want to defrost and it happens unevenly!

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